Stay Warm

Marsh Lake
Marsh Lake

Shooting in Yukon this winter? No problem. We’re the world’s winter film experts! We canvassed Yukon crew and came up with these tips for staying warm:

  1. Dress in Layers. That way you won’t overheat when you’re active, and you can easily add extra layers when you are standing around.
  2. Avoid wearing cotton. Cotton is great summer wear because it helps to cool you off. It does the same thing in winter. Silk, wool, or fleece clothing will keep you warm. Add a windproof outer layer and you’re set.
  3. It is much easier to stay warm than to warm up. A common mistake is taking off clothing when you are feeling warm, and then getting a chill. Keep your hat on, and keep taking those hot treats the craft service people are offering. On a really cold day, it’s not uncommon to eat a hot snack every hour.
  4. Don’t skimp on your boots. You’ll be standing on snow and ice all day, so make sure you thoroughly insulate your feet. Buy the best quality boots you can; there is not a great increase in price when purchasing boots with higher insulating value. If you have boots with removable liners, don’t forget to remove the liners every night to ensure they are completely dry for the next morning. Moisture draws heat from the body and, for that reason, wool or fabrics with a wicking property make the best socks in cold weather. Layers are good but don’t forget to leave a bit of insulating air space in your boots; tight boots are cold boots. If you find you always have cold feet and hands, you probably need more layers around your body core.
  5. Dehydration will chill you down. Working in our sometimes cold, dry climate can leave you parched. Take the teas and soups that are offered but try not to drink too much coffee or black teas, as they will dehydrate you.
  6. Bring your shades. A sunny day on the snow is very bright. Use a high number sunblock and a brimmed hat.
  7. Buy locally. Take advantage of the low Canadian dollar, no territorial sales tax and a plethora of winter clothing stores in Yukon. Our winter clothing prices on brand-name outerwear are priced about 20% lower than Vancouver and half what you would pay in California! Because winter’s our strong suit, our stores are stuffed with down, fleece, wool and Gore-Tex.
  8. Ask the locals! Remember we’re the winter experts. Every one of us has a toasty comfort gem of advice.