Canada’s Yukon

Emerald Lake near Carcross
Emerald Lake near Carcross

Imagine a place where nature works on a larger scale, where vast ice fields reproduce Antarctica and living towns look like sets.

We are most sought after by filmmakers seeking reliable snow locations. Here you can find winter on your schedule (now there's an appealing thought).

But Yukon is much more than snow locations – you'll find it adaptable, diverse and full of character.

Not to mention picture perfect.

Yukon covers 483,450 square kilometres in the far northwest of mainland Canada. Yukon represents 4.8% of Canada's total land area. It borders British Columbia to the south (latitude 60 N), Northwest Territories to the east, and the U.S. state of Alaska to the west (longitude 141 W). To our north is the Beaufort Sea. All Yukon communities are south of the Arctic Circle and are accessible by road except for Old Crow which is a traditional native community 185 kilometres south of the Arctic coast.



Elevation Mileage GPS

Travel by Road from Whitehorse to key filming locations
Dawson City, Yukon 536km / 333 miles
White Pass, BC 152km / 95 miles
Dempster Highway Junction, Yukon 499 km / 312 miles
Haines Junction, Yukon 158 km / 98 miles
Atlin, British Columbia 182 km / 113 miles
Vancouver, British Columbia 2,702 km / 1,663 miles

Yukon Communities GPS Coordinates and Elevation Whitehorse 60.42° N 135.4° W 2,306 ft. / 706.2 m
Dawson City 64.2° N 139.7° W 1,211 ft. / 370m
Haines Junction 60.8° N 137.6° W 1,956 ft/ 596 m

Elevations at key filming locations White Pass Summit (South Klondike Highway) 3,292 ft./ 1003 m
Chilkat Pass (Haines Highway) 3,493 ft. / 1065 m
North Fork Pass (Dempster Highway) 4,265 ft./1,300 m

A map of the Yukon Territory is available
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